Garden Irrigation Lighting Design!

Garden Irrigation Lighting Design

GILD provides a dedicated professional service to home-owners in the south east of England in creating tailored landscapes.

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For fully automated irrigation systems offering great time saving and peace of mind


For a complete range of high quality landscaping products, materials and natural stones


Add the final effects of lighting and extend the use of your garden during evenings throughout the year...

sculptures and features...

Adding a hand made feature to your garden creates your own unique space...The Copper Works is a contemporary coppersmiths, providing hand crafted copper and bronze goods. We produce pieces for landscape gardeners, interior designers, architects, galleries and individual clients. We provide a bespoke service drawing on traditional coppersmith skills whilst making use of contemporary technology where applicable.

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Garden Irrigation

The key to the most beautiful looking garden is the correct and regular application of watering and feeding… Garden Irrigation.

Garden Lighting

Illumination not only adds a ‘fourth’ dimension to your garden but extends its usage time throughout darkness hours. Garden Lighting.

Garden Landscaping

Extending your living space into your garden gives you another ‘room’ to your home. . . Garden Landscaping. 

Garden Design

Having your garden designed is a wonderful opportunity and involves you in a creative process that expresses your tastes, personality and lifestyle..
Garden Design.