Garden Irrigation Lighting Design!

Garden Irrigation Lighting Design

GILD provides a dedicated professional service to home-owners in the south east of England in creating tailored landscapes.

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GILD Garden, Irrigation, Lighting and Design

GILD provides a dedicated, professional service to home owners in the south-east of England in creating tailored landscapes.

From design to completion we offer all the relevant services including irrigation and lighting system design and installation.

Being specialists within these fields our clients receive professional solution providing to all their landscaping needs from 'under one roof', with services ranging from consultation and detailed garden planning design right through to managing the landscaping construction process.

GILD, the Essex Landscaping Company.

Our aim is not only to exceed your expectations, but to create beautiful and well thought out designs and outdoor living spaces, ensuring your garden can be a growing pleasure for you, your family and friends.

Our designs are delivered to the exact standards we have built our reputation on today.

We are an Essex based Landscaping Company but cover the whole of the South East.

We serve the following areas and services : Essex Landscaping, Hertfordshire Landscaping, Suffolk Landscaping, Kent Landscaping, Sussex Landscaping and Surrey Landscaping.

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